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The SharedCxO Mission

SharedCxO is dedicated to increasing the success rate of US small businesses by connecting executive-level talent with the market of over 4 million small businesses that otherwise would not have access to expert-level guidance and knowledge.

The service is delivered by a proven 16 member executive team of finance, marketing, technology, operations, and management executives that guide and advise companies on an oncall or intensive capacity. This is made possible using modern communications technology that connects SharedCxO with in-house teams anywhere, any time. Simply put, SharedCxO is "A Shared C-Suite".

SharedCxO Facts in Brief

is the newest company from the team that created Shared Teams, which was founded in 2010 and has helped over 50 small businesses as a long-term shared marketing team.

Shared Teams: High-Impact Marketing for Small Businesses was founded in 2010 and has helped over 50 small businesses as a long-term shared marketing team.

mission is to connect proven and experienced C-level talent with small businesses across the US. This is accomplished using the same technology-aided operations model that made Shared Teams a success since 2010.

and Shared Teams use cherry-picked modern cloud technologies to make it easy for highly-experienced team members to interact in a direct and on-call capacity with clients across the country.

While Shared Teams was initially launched in Washington D.C., SharedCxO and Shared Teams are now headquartered in the booming business community of San Francisco.

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