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Maryam Donnelly, MBA

Maryam Donnelly has more than 20 years of experience as a data-driven marketing leader, managing strategy, product management and business development for a variety of businesses including Fortune 500 Companies. Her expertise spans a spectrum of industries and emphasizes customer acquisition, engagement and revenue growth through strategic marketing management, analysis and content delivery. She is a leading industry voice, publishing more than 100 blogs on marketing and technology analysis, and providing expert consultation in data analytics. Maryam was named one of the 180 leading data science, big data and analytics bloggers in the U.S. by

Maryam Donnelly's Marketing Leadership Specialization

Maryam can support client leadership across a variety of areas to help lead and grow their business, including: Brand Strategy, Product Marketing, Online Community Management and Engagement, Content Strategy and Competitive Intelligence.

Her executive marketing leadership has included:

Vice President Marketing Services
Impact Marketing

Director Marketing and Communications the Americas

Senior Director of Marketing

Her data-driven marketing approach has included:

  • Comprehensive marketing strategy

  • Data-driven decision making

  • Consistently achieving triple digit ROI on marketing programs

  • New brand positioning

Deborah Roberts>

Deborah Roberts is a marketing strategist and brand director who helps companies tell their story and why they matter on platforms where they matter. Incorporating strategic planning and management, and quality execution, she drives development of ideas to drive your business. She focuses on ensuring that communications initiatives are aligned with business strategy, and resources are optimized to best achieve organizational goals. Her passion is to ensure your communications campaigns and platforms increase awareness, recognition, loyalty and referral. Deborah is also an adjunct professor of graduate-level organizational communications at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Deborah Roberts Marketing Leadership Specialization

Deborah can support SharedCxO client leadership across a variety of areas to help lead and grow their business, including: Comprehensive Branding, Marketing Strategy including Advertising, Public Relations, Digital and Events, Positioning Strategy, Investor Relations, Executive Coaching and Lead Generation

Her executive marketing leadership has included:


President, Co-Owner
Flashpoint Brands

Vice President

Her marketing and brand strategy has included:

  • Brand strategy and marketing communications for the launch of an upscale, downtown mixed-use real estate development

  • Brand analysis to support joint ventures

  • Website launch resulting in a 350 percent increase in organic search results and tripled lead conversion

  • Leveraging social media to build expertise and reputation

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