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Josh Ettwein

Josh Ettwein is a passionate, execution-oriented and transformative leader with more than 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur and pioneer in SaaS, consumer web, ecommerce and social software. He leverages innovation and forward thinking to break new ground for organizations, developing and successfully leading the launch of multiple new products and platforms to support industry leadership and organizational success. Josh considers himself a “serial entrepreneur”, founding several technology and consumer goods companies and leading numerous successful startups. This experience offers a keen sense of the challenges companies face, from engineering to product development to fundraising and M&A activities. His passion is to support innovation, growth and delivery of high-quality, intuitive programs using agile practices and allowing for data-driven decisions and investments.

Josh Ettwein's Management Specialization

Josh can support SharedCxO client leadership across a variety of areas to help lead and grow their business, including: New product development and engineering, New product launches, Data-driven decision making, Transformative leadership and Transformative leadership

His most recent executive leadership experience includes:

Co-Founder and Executive

Director of Engineering
Director of Engineering

Director of Software Engineering

His forward-thinking focus on innovation has led to:

  • The first-of-its-kind live video streaming platform

  • The world’s first video editing SaaS offering

  • A scalable, cloud-based video transcoding/rendering service

  • Innovative video sharing mobile applications

  • Development of a user interface for PRIMA Cinema, named Best New Product by the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association (CEDIA), a leading global authority in the home technology industry

Peter Sispoidis

Peter Sispoidis is a successful entrepreneur and dynamic leader with a deep knowledge of a wide-range of technologies and issues to support organizational development and growth. Over his 20-year career, he has founded, built and subsequently sold four companies, including acquisition by a public company and raising nearly $70 million in venture capital funding. He is also skilled at leveraging technology, including computer games, network communications, GPS technology, real-time advertising and system architecture to deliver best-of-breed, real-world solutions. Throughout, he has built and managed interdisciplinary projects and teams with a track record of success in meeting and exceeding organization goals while positively impacting the bottom line.

Peter Sispoidis Management Specialization

Peter can support SharedCxO client leadership across a variety of areas to help lead and grow their business, including: Diversifying revenue streams, New product development, Leadership through all stages of organization development, including start-up, mid-cycle and corporate sale/integration, IT Deployments, Leveraging technology, Expansion to new markets and Team building.

His most recent executive leadership experience includes:

Evolution4, LLC

Evolution4, LLC
Radial Network Corporation, IGA Worldwide, Inc. and Axiom8

Illuminated Partners, LLC

His dynamic leadership and skills in technology and project management have led to:

  • Transforming business ideas into deliverable products

  • Implementing new game monetization platforms that increased revenue by more than 80 percent

  • Designing, building and deploying innovative, revenue-generating platforms

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