Financial Consulting Services
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Financial Consulting Services

Maintaining predictability, executing proper budgeting, and understanding the right metrics are important elements of a sound business environment. Many businesses fall behind their competition because they carry a higher tax burden, have difficulty securing lines of credit, or fall short when it comes to courting investors.

Finance is the life blood of any organization. A sound financial program with supporting metrics and budgeting has a direct impact on the health of every business. We provide small businesses with financial consulting and advisory services that produce results.


Delivered by Proven Executive Management Talent

Our financial consulting team provides the foundation and strategic guidance necessary to maintain a solid financial program. We also provide support to help your business secure funding through investor relationships, lines of credit, or other methods by demonstrating your company's true potential.


The Most Accessible Financial Consulting Solution Available for Small Businesses and Startups

David Lanagan, founder

Businesses of all Sizes Need Expert Financial Guidance to Succeed. We are Committed to Making Access to Top-Tier Talent Possible for Everyone.

David Lanagan, founder

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All of our small business consultants have hands-on experience working in middle-market companies. We provide the strategy, the research, and guidelines for project workflow. We also provide advice as you navigate the implementation and deployment of each phase of your financial action plan.

Keep a Careful Eye on Company Finances with a Contract CFO

Most small and mid-size companies struggle when it comes to accounting and finance. Sound financial management isn't easy. It takes a talent for numbers. It also requires the training which allows one to understand the way those numbers impact the business at every level. Thus, it's very challenging to make sound financial decisions, unless, of course, financial management happens to be the business owner's particular speciality. It's little wonder that most business owners play uncomfortable and overwhelmed as they attempt to play the roles of bookkeeper, accountant, and CFO all on their own.


Engaging an Interim CFO

Is your company in transition right now? If so, you're probably navigating the pitfalls of change: instability, loss of focus, loss of productivity, and other serious problems. It doesn't matter what kind of transition you're facing. Downsizing, rapid growth, and losing key business players can all rock the business boat, creating sticky situations that are tough to navigate. These challenges can be particularly hard on the company's financial operations. Who is watching your books during your transition?


What to Expect when Working with an Interim Executive

As a busy entrepreneur, you have plenty on your plate without worrying about accounting and finance. Unless this is your particular area of expertise, chances are it’s not something you love to do anyway. Yet it’s critical to have a plan is in place which will help you navigate growth and spending. You need someone to carefully watch your budget, your cash flow, and your debt. It's also a good idea to have someone who can identify venture capital opportunities and prepare you to take advantage of them.


Financial Consulting Designed for Small Businesses and Startups