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Mike Boyer

Mike Boyer is a seasoned financial executive with a broad range of industry experience to bring effective financial management solutions. He has a strong foundation in systems development and implementation, and brings a fresh perspective to the challenges organizations face in accumulating and interpreting financial data. He has executed multiple turnaround plans that have allowed companies to return to profitability and a successful history of moving from controller-based financial management – what happened yesterday – to CFO-level vision-driven financial strategies focused on the future.

Mike Boyer's Financial Leadership Specialization

Mike can support SharedCxO client leadership across a variety of areas to help lead and grow their business, including: Cash Flow Modeling and Management, Dynamic Budgeting and Forecasting, Dynamic Budgeting and Forecasting, Financing Relationships and Mergers and Acquisitions.

His executive financial leadership has included:

Chief Financial Officer
The Jay Group

Chief Financial Officer
Franklin Realty Development Corporation

Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer
Frey Lutz Corp

His financial management solutions have included:

  • Transitioning multiple acquisition targets into a new corporate environment

  • Incorporating multiple financial measurement and collection systems into one accurate management tool

  • Company-wide incentive programs resulting in “employee ownership” and improved morale

  • Commitment to “right size” organizations

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