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THE EVOLUTION OF SMB COMPANIES – As we grew, the vision of creating a full-scale business team resource for small business became clearer, and attainable. We used that initial two year period as SMB Communications to refine our operations processes- it took a lot of feedback, sleepless nights, and countless iterations to perfect.

How we use “the cloud” to create a virtual team

Thanks to Ellen DePasquale of Small Biz Technology for her interest in our use of modern technology to create the SMB Companies unique shared team structure to create a virtual team! “Ellen DePasquale, The Software Revitalist, pens her first in a series of articles for reviewing how software helps businesses be more efficient. Ellen loves

The Shared Business: Common Resources

Cloud computing has been buzzing for some time… co-working spaces are more popular than ever… everywhere you look, businesses are using creative divisions of common resources as a means to identify new ways to enhance their processes and reduce operational costs. In this blog series, we will examine the practical application of shared business resources and the

The Evolution of SMB Companies

This August will mark SMB’s four year anniversary. The process of bringing a new product or service to market is often an exciting and challenging experience. SMB Communications 2010 – 2012 When we first launched SMB, our offerings were solely in the areas of marketing, advertising, and public relations. During that period, we were “SMB Communications”. We